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Staff Night

 The Staff Night was brilliantly colorful with a lot of variety entertainments. Pro.N.P.Hafiz Mohammed  has initiated the activities by an Ice-breaking session. It was followed by  a Mohiniyattam by Sravana, Magic by Prof.K. Ahamed Koya, Dances by teachers' children, Songs by Dr.T.V. Prakash & family, Dr.C.Zeenath, C.Abdulsalam, skit by C.Habeeb and Party  and  Drama 'Enikkente santhi thirichingu nalku' (Please restore  my peace at home). The drama was  acted by A.Shajahan, P.P.Yousufali, E.P.Imbichikoya, T.Mohammed Ali, A.K.Abdul Raheem, P.Abdul Azeez, Kamarudheen and scripted and  directed by K.K.Abdullah. 
The night on 31.03.2010 was splendid enough with a feast of entertainments.