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Interaction with Dayabai

Mercy Mathew, also known as Dayabai, has been living in the Gond tribal hamlets of Madhya Pradesh for 20 years, sharing the lives of the tribals, teaching them organic farming and helping them fight for their rights. She lives with the tribal sect of Barundi village of Maharashtra for the last fifteen years, sharing  their sorrows and agony. The village folk   identifies her as one among them thus breaking all the so called barriers between the civilsed and the downtrodden. She reminds us there is life beyond our sight, though marginalised and uncared, deserves our attention to make them self respectful, unexploited and uplifted in all walks of life. Fascinated by her unrelenting strike to protect these neglected lot,  Staff Club was really cherishing to meet this personality and bring her to the College that turned out to be an inspirational experience to us to understand her philosophy of life. Her life was  not for her but for others who are neglected and underprivileged.

   The staff Club has organised her talk cum interactive session at AVT on 6 Nov 2010.