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Fancy Sports

Laughter is the best Medicine sometimes.
It was some lighter moments from stresses and strains of the daily chorus.
We have orgainsed Fancy Sports with the intention that these moments may lightens your burdens, inspires hopes, connects one strongly among ourselves, and keeps you grounded, focussed and alert. Such was the type of games that  includes Tailing the elephant, Tongue Twister, Just-A-Minute, Parody Making, Who is the Best liar etc. The programme was conducted at the Auditorium on 30.03.2010.             

Events                    Winners

1.Tongue Twister                                           1. Mrs.Sajitha M.A (Dept. of English) 
                                                                              2. Dr.C.Zeenath (Dept. of Zoology)  

2.Just a Minute                                              1. Mrs.Aysha Bichu (Dept. of Econ.) 
                                                                             2. Dr.Asha Mohammed(Dept. of Eng)